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We have many years experience of managing and maintaining the landscape. We work with Landscape Architects to maintain and improve several large amenity areas, installing barriers and paths etc, clearing large areas of brash, cleaning out ditches and mowing large areas.

We offer contract hay/straw baling and muck-spreading tailored to your requirements.

We have several landowners for whom we maintain grassland at certain times of the year, and we are happy to quote for such maintenance contracts.

For site clearance and maintenance we have a 2.2 metre wide mulching machine and a 10 inch capacity tractor driven wood chipper.

For steep banks that require mowing we have a specialist tractor with low ground pressure tyres. We also carry out woodland ride cutting using a tractor and heavy duty flail. Farm roads and tracks can be constructed from recycled concrete and brick as pictured. See our fencing page for details of post and rail fencing etc.


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