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North Cotswold Hunt

“Adam, your work with the planners was excellent. The drawings and design & access statement made the case for construction straight forward and easy to understand. Equally your advice & help with the application process was invaluable in our gaining approval.

Bob, your help in giving us a very competitive price for the high standard of construction & workmanship involved was hugely appreciated. You were also prepared to make adjustments for us, as needed, as the work progressed. This too has been enormously helpful.

Tom, I can’t compliment you enough on the actual construction of the arena. The care you took in such adverse weather conditions to insure that we have the best construction possible was outstanding, but to have done it without creating a mess was nothing short of incredible.

And now that we are riding in the arena, we can tell you that it is terrific. Not only does it ride well but all the extra subtle finishes likes the weighting of the gate, the rider friendly latch, the complete integration of the fence storage area/gallery into the fenceline, the extra boarding height, the grading of the surrounding grass and gravel all contribute to make it an outstanding job and a ‘feature’ at the Kennels. We have had many compliments at how professional and attractive it is. We are delighted with it and can’t thank you enough. Please feel free to give our name to anyone considering your work; it would be a pleasure to give a recommendation.”

Jamie & Brad Hooker, MsFH


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